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  • A Wonderful and meaningful Outward bound
  • Updated:2013-12-12      hit:7106       Author:Glorystar Laser
  • On Nov.23th, 2013, the whole Glorystar staff took part in an Outward Bound. In the early morning, we reached the training center in Zhangmutou Area—the Guanyi Mountain Training Base, by a happy bus .

    The beautiful scenery are beyond words, the sun is shining, the woods are swarming, the birds are happily singing or skipping in the woods, or freely flying in the high blue sky. There is a winding road is reaching to the top of Guanyi Mountain, from afar, it like a white ribbon.

    After a short training, our big team were divided into three team groups by the coach, every team must make a Team-name which represents their spirit and encourage, “Wild-wolf Team”," Thunderbolt Team” and “Fire Team” were established in a short time.

    Then we began the team activities or games, the first game was called “Challenging in 3 Minutes ”. Means to do three games by team works, to see how much times are required. First phase was “Transporting the Moving Ball”. Everyone from the team hand a 38cm long PVC groove, members have to connect one by one and make a long groove, the ball moves from one end, it’s moving in the groove, to another end, and dropping into a Bamboo tube, if successful, enter into second phase: Rope skipping, team members skip the rope together for 7 rounds. Sometimes, one member was caught by the rope, the whole team had to do it again. The last phase was “Fast passing” , the members standing a circle, with rapid clapping and saying one encouraging sentence. The whole scene is very tensive, funny and happy. At last, “Fire Team” won, they finished all games successfully within 90 seconds. The coach inducted us make the conclusion, and seek the enlightenment from games.

    The most heart-stirring and exciting activities were rambling on “Sky-road” and “climbing”, with the encourage, reminder and spur. Everybody from Glorystar Team were accomplished the activities.

    The most impressive and heart-warming activity was “Climbing over the Graduation Wall”. All members have to climb over the smooth, 4.2-meter-high cement wall, without ladder and without rope, all we had only 66 persons. After the quick assignment of the team leader, we have 3 sets “human ladders”, with the second stage “human ladder”, the pioneer was on the top of wall, then other members orderly climb over the wall, the pioneers were pulling the climbers and others were pushing or protecting. Without fear, without hesitation.

    Because of the “silence” order, no body talk, we can only hear and feel the breath sounds, heart beating, and action sounds, the “human ladders” were steadily leaning on the wall, let the other members step over, the sweat was washing their facing and body, but they didn’t to wipe away.

    Didn’t know how many minutes had passed, mostly of the members had climbed over “Graduation Wall”, without arrangement, some members patted the “human ladder” and indicated to replace them, and help them to climb over.

    We made a amazing result, we overcame the wall in 24 minutes when we estimated time is 60 minutes. The warm applause burst from all members, and visitors. With the affecting music, sweat, toil and cooperation all turned into tears, happiness and gratitude.

    It is a meaningful and unforgettable activity; we not only challenged ourselves but also developed sense of cooperation, unity and gratitude!

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